Cottage Autism Network
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Our Objectives

Our Objectives

The main objects for which the Company is established are charitable purposes only, with the aim of achieving the following objectives:

(a)  To raise awareness of Autism and related issues

(b)  To provide information on Autism and related issues to health professionals and other interested parties.

(c)  To provide a support network for carers of people with Autism.

(d) To liaise with Health Boards, Educational Institutions, Government Departments and other service providers to ensure adequate resources are, available to meet the needs of people with Autism.

(e)  To encourage, and where resources are available, to fund training of parents carers of people and carers of people with Autism.

(f)  To organise activities for people with Autism.

(g)  To liaise with other groups involved in the area of special needs, where common interest exist.

(h)  To build up a library with recourses and books on Autism related topics.